Advance KeyLogger Software

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Advance KeyLogger Software

Advance Keylogger software is PC spy program that helps you to know what other users do on your computer behind your back. Keylogger software tracks entire activities of PC users without being exposed.

Keep an eye of employees’ computer :- Keylogger software tracks all activities of your employees performed on your system. Your employees may be wasting time by playing online games, chatting with friends or browsing news website etc when they are supposed to do work? With keylogger software, you can easily monitor your employees’ internet activities.

Protect your kids from internet danger :- With keylogger software, you can find out what your children do on PC in your absence. Internet is the most useful resource for increasing and sharing knowledge but there are so many harmful contents on internet that may affect your child mind.  Now you can easily protect your children from internet predators with keylogger software.

Advance KeyLogger Software
Advance KeyLogger Software

Software features:-

Monitors clipboard activities
Monitors clipboard activities :- Keylogger software monitors all clipboard activities (copy-paste operations) performed on your PC.

Monitor accessed Applications
Monitor accessed Applications :- Keylogger program quickly records entire information of applications that are run on desktop/laptop.

Record voice chat details
Record voice chat details :- Keylogger program tracks voice chat conversation performed by the users on yahoo messenger, gmail, Facebook etc.

Track keyboard typing activities
Track keyboard typing activities  :- Keylogger software you records each keyboard character typed in different applications like MS-Word, data spreadsheet and many others applications.

Generates report of recorded activitie
Records system information :- Spy keylogger software records system startup time, time settings and computer name.

Captures screenshots at fixed time of interval
Captures screenshots at fixed time of interval :- keylogger software captures screenshots at fixed of interval so that you can easily find out what is happening on your computer in your absence.

Generates report of recorded activities
Generates report of recorded activities :- Invisible keylogger software prepares records of entire activities in txt or html log files that can be sent at user specified email address.
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